[Ubuntu-US-CA] Additional information about Qt Developer Days Silicon Valley

Carl Symons csymons at kde.org
Mon Nov 19 14:53:16 UTC 2012

My apologies for dashing off an earlier email about Qt Developer Days
without including some important details.

Event Website

Qt Developer Days is the largest Qt event, held earlier this month in
Berlin and in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara) December 5-7. It is
intended for the whole Qt ecosystem, including companies, developers
and assorted hackers. QtDevDays is presented by ICS, Digia and
KDAB--all heavyweights in the Qt world. The Silicon Valley event is
being organized by ICS. (More information on the event and the
sponsoring companies at event website.

Qt is a substantial project with more than 450,000 developers
worldwide and thousands of companies using the various Qt products.
Since October 2011, Qt development has been open source, and done
within the openly governed Qt Project. Qt is cross-platform, and there
is strong demand for skilled developers.

ICS has made available a limited number of complimentary conference
passes. If you are interested in attending, please contact me.

Carl Symons

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