[Ubuntu-US-CA] Help with Software Center and Skype

Robert Lewis bob.l.lewis at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 15:25:55 UTC 2012

I am noticing that the Software Center has two entries on my system for
They are both identical although different wording.  Mine says:
Skype (followed by stars (502))
skype                                         (Notice the lowercase 's' in

Then below is another instance that reads:
Skype (followed by stars (502))
Skype Internet Telephony

Skype claims this is a bug in the SoftWare Center but so far I can't figure
out where the entries really are
and what to do about.

If I delete one of these then Skype is gone and I am convinced by clicking
on "More Info"
that they are the same.

Now what I have determined is that this only happens when Ubuntu 12.04 was
not freshly installed
but was done via the upgrade method over the Internet.   If one does a
fresh install then the
Software Center does not have the duplication.

Does anyone else see this or have an idea how I can clean it up?

I would prefer to get responses from people who have also seen this and
have found a solution
rather than rampant speculation.

I can send a screen shot to anyone requesting directly to their email
account.  I have tried many things
to fix this which include:


sudo dpkg -i <deb_file_name>.deb
This will install the package but in case the package depends on any
other package, it will lead to broken package, which you can fix by
opening synaptic and going to edit menu and select "fix broken packages"
and than apply.

Quick and dirty, but works till the fix is available.

To install deb package simply open terminal by "Ctrl+Alt+T" and type
"sudo dpkg -i /deb/destination/package.deb" then "sudo apt-get install -f"
to fix the dependencies.
Problem in ubuntu software center in 12.04
First, file a bug report.
Then your best bet is probably to uninstall and reinstall Software
Center- this has fixed about every USC problem I've come across.


sudo apt-get install --reinstall software-center
Didn't work for one person so he tried.
sudo apt-get remove software-center --purge
 or  apt-get remove --purge software-center
    or apt-get purge sotware-center
sudo apt-get install software-center
If you get "Reading package lists... Error!
E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists
Do:  (reinstalls the files fresh)
sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf
sudo apt-get update

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