[Ubuntu-US-CA] Looking for a Good Solution (data syncing)

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Jun 8 16:26:53 UTC 2012

On 06/08/2012 08:57 AM, Dave <3 Ubuntu wrote:
> Hi all. I am looking for a good solution for my brother. But first, the
> story...
> The latest round of viruses on his wifes computer has prepped him to try
> something different. He spent all night recently trying to clean her
> system and get it to boot. He knows Ubuntu enough as a user as I
> installed it as a dual boot on an older laptop of his. He jumps into
> Ubuntu from time to time. After showing him how to run ClamAV yesterday
> on his wifes drive and cleaning up all the viruses, he is convinced and
> ready to make the switch to Ubuntu.
> Here is his situation. He has three computers. He would like one box as
> a server and use the other two laptops. Sounds easy and I can do that no
> prob, but here is the tricky part. He has a bunch of data... He used to
> be a DJ so he has tons of music and as a photographer he also has about
> 60,000 worth of 35mm slides he has scanned in and is now on a hard
> drive. He wants to have this data backed up and synced at all times.
> Ubuntu One and Dropbox are not an option because of the large amount of
> data which he estimates to be about 900GB give or take. He would like
> this synced across three drives. One at work, one at home and one at my
> dads house. Thats his goal and Im not that technical so I though I would
> see if anyone on the list would have some good ideas for syncing such
> large amounts of data.
> Many thanks! Dave

The classic solution to this is rsync, which I find to be somewhat
tricky but can get by using grsync (a GUI version) to set up. rsync is
magic in that it only transfers differences. It does however take a
while each time it's run to find what's changed and I haven't found a
good way to skip that and say just push new stuff since I know the old
stuff hasn't changed. This could be set up as a cron job to just happen
in the background.

The other method I sometimes use for this challenge is version control.
I setup the master repository on my server and then use standard version
control methods to keep my 2 desktop/laptop machines up to date whenever
I get on them. There's a little extra work here since a user has to
manually say "add" to the version control system then push the files,
and remember to pull/update on the other machine. Some of the common
version control system do have integration with Nautilus or Dolphin (The
file managers) so you don't have to learn command line.


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