[Ubuntu-US-CA] Add Team Meetings to Calendar?

Dave <3 Ubuntu dave at iheartubuntu.com
Thu Feb 9 00:53:31 UTC 2012

Hello all! Ive recently started using Thunderbird to handle all of my 
email and like it a lot. I notice the calendar portion of Thunderbird 
allows one to install an iCal weblink into the calendar. Now, every time 
a new event is added, my calendar is also nicely updated. Just now 
Philip Ballew sent us an email informing of the San Diego Ubuntu Hours 
and sure enough the event calendar in Thunderbird was also updated. Bare 
with me, as this is all new to me since Ive only used web based mail up 
until this point.

So my question is... should we add in the Sunday meetings as an event 
for Ubuntu California?

Best, Dave

PS... is there any interest for me to do another Ubuntu Store shipment 
where I group all orders together to save on shipping? Please check the 
Ubuntu shop and get back to me, thanks!


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