[Ubuntu-US-CA] UDS archives

Tony Baechler tony.baechler at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 06:01:14 UTC 2012

On 4/23/2012 6:12 PM, Greg Grossmeier wrote:
> Update:
> Jorge didn't get a response but he suggest we all whine to Sean (not
> sure exactly who that is ;) ) at UDS in Oakland.


Thanks for the update.  I'm afraid I won't be there due to my schedule, so 
that won't help me much, but thanks for trying anyway.  Remote probably 
won't work either, but I might try that if scheduling permits.

While we're on the subject, what kind of license are the sessions/archives 
under?  I would assume a CC license, but I haven't actually seen a specific 
license pointed out anywhere.  I could very well have missed it, but I 
usually check these things before downloading.  In the case of the 
unofficial mirror, since they're from the live streams, I guess the license 
issue would have to do with the stream itself.

For clarity, the unofficial mirror is as follows:


Also, I was a little off.  The audio is actually in .ogg, not .mp3 as I 
thought.  The sizes of each UDS archive vary.  The first one to be available 
is only half there.  The others are about 10 and 12 GB respectively.  That 
covers N, O and P if I'm remembering correctly.

It would be nice to have a better solution, but at least I can still get the 
captures from the live streams.  He does include a recorder script for those 
interested.  The problem seems to be that the schedule changes at the last 
minute as previously mentioned here.

Thanks again for letting us know what's going on.

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