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Grant Bowman grantbow at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 12 14:13:19 UTC 2012

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 11:16 PM, Tony Baechler <tony.baechler at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I realize that this has nothing to do with UDS registration, but the mail
> reminded me of something which has bothered me for a while.
> How can one get complete downloadable archives?  Before people tell me to go
> to YouTube, let me explain.  I'm totally blind and I really don't want the
> video.  I just throw the video away anyway and extract the audio stream.  I
> know that there is an audio mirror, but it's not official and is a capture
> of the live mp3 streams.  While there seems to be a lot of material there,
> (16 GB per summit) some sessions are incomplete and/or broken and some are
> missing audio, so you have a silent mp3 file.  Also, YouTube downloads are
> very slow and problematic, even with youtube-dl.
> If you look at the Linux.Conf.Au archives, the Debian conference videos and
> FOSDEM videos, they're all nicely downloadable and it isn't hard to extract
> the audio.  I really wish Ubuntu would do something similar for UDS
> archives.  They do have video of a couple from quite a while ago, but
> nothing recent.  For the last two, I've used the unofficial mirror, but I
> know that one of them (N or O, I'm not remembering) is missing half of the
> content and prior summits aren't there at all.

Hi Tony,

Eek! The Canonical IT group and volunteers (sponsored attendees) do a
good job keeping things up during the conference but perhaps more
resources are needed to keep archives updated and make things easier.
I know even the organizers run around quite a bit to get the summit
system updated. Overall I think it works well but the nature of the
event is quite dynamic as it sound like you are fully aware of.

> Does anyone here have any suggestions or ideas?  Could someone perhaps talk
> to the UDS people in charge to get them to set up a mirror system for the
> video archives?  I unfortunately don't have the bandwidth to host such a
> mirror, but I would be happy to upload the extracted audio somewhere for
> others who don't want or need the video.
> Thanks for any ideas or suggestions that you might have.  If I can help
> somehow, please let me know.

I don't have a direct answer but I would like to help. Here's some
background/details for others that might be interested in following
along remotely, probably some of it redundant to Lyz's instructions.

Having attended twice in person and remotely a couple of times I find
keeping it all straight quite a chore as well. I use text files and
manually paste in the URLs for everything however ideally all this
should be correlated and clickable from summit.ubuntu.com. As room
numbers and times do change quite often it is quite a logistical
effort to keep everything straight. Switching from gobby to
pad.ubuntu.com is interesting. A common problem is having everything
connected and online all the time. I think the system has been cobbled
together pretty well and I agree some refinements would be helpful.
The remote instructions
http://uds.ubuntu.com/community/remote-participation/ are the official
documentation. Etherpads are where notes are taken but I don't think
they get linked back to summit.ubuntu.com because they are created on
the fly with no simple way to update the summit/launchpad system in a
safe way.

The main URL I use when attending will be for uds-q
http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/ to coordinate rooms and meeting times.
The streams come from icecast.ubuntu.com but I don't think they are
automatically linked & correlated as links in summit.ubuntu.com though
the algorithm is pretty straight forward. I think
http://ubuntu.mirocommunity.org/ is used more than youtube.

Will you be attending remotely again or in person May 7-11 in Oakland?
I'm looking forward to seeing people there.


Grant Bowman

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