[Ubuntu-US-CA] selecting a desktop

Tony Baechler tony.baechler at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 04:11:49 UTC 2011

On 9/9/2011 1:07 PM, Robert Lewis wrote:
> I am currently testing Ubuntu beta 1 11.04.


Why are you still using a 11.04 beta?  Do you mean 11.10?  11.04 had its
final release in April.

> I have several desktops installed which I can choose at login time
> by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the screen before entering my
> password.

Do you mean from the live CD or from an actual install?  If you're talking
about a hard drive install, ignore this email as my answer probably doesn't

> My question is how can I learn the exact command that is being executed when
> I select a desktop from this list?    What file has the list and the
> commands being
> run when I use the mouse / GUI to select the desktop?

If running from the live CD, look at /syslinux.cfg or files in /boot.  I
think syslinux.cfg is in the root of the CD.  I don't know if that's
actually where the list of commands is, but hopefully someone will correct
me if I'm wrong.

> Cheers,
> Bob

Have a good day,
Tony Baechler
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