[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu Speaker at the University of Redlands

Mark Holmquist marktraceur at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 01:31:17 UTC 2011

Hi, all,

I'm a student at the University of Redlands, and we're thinking of planning an event in May that focuses on promoting free software, and we plan to use the April launch of Natty as sort of a springboard to launch the event. One night, I'll speak about what free software is in general, focusing on the principles of the movement and why they're important. I also was hoping that someone from the Ubuntu community could join us one night to speak on what Ubuntu, specifically, aims to do, and what its practical uses might be as a desktop distribution focused on end-users.

The event would be on May 10, and we would provide projector/speakers/cables and the like, as well as an audience (hopefully). If any of you are able and willing to come and speak, let me know either on- or off-list and we can talk specifics!


Mark Holmquist
Student, Computer Science
University of Redlands
MarkTraceur at gmail.com

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