[Ubuntu-US-CA] Starting Out w/ Linux

George Mulak George at AmericanFinancialTax.com
Thu Mar 17 05:48:31 UTC 2011

Mr. Ballew (and all of you for that matter) make some good points.
As businessman/social worker type person (yes they CAN co-exist) I would
say the problem is complicated.
There is the aspect of people, most of which are selfish.  The don't
seem to care.  They just want something cheap that works well.  There is
another aspect of people being afraid.  Afraid of looking stupid or
silly, afraid of trying something new they don't understand, afraid of
getting stuck, not knowing who to ask for help, etc.
There is the aspect of businesses, non-profits, and clubs, etc that need
to function together, to exchange documents and ideas.  Most people, not
knowing how to make it work together just opt out for the easy solution
that is most pervasive, Microsoft.
>From my talking with people about this issue and how they feel about it
(most don't even know what an Operating System is) they are conflicted
with one or more of the above issues.  It's my idealist mentality that
trys to convince them to not waste their money for something that
doesn't even work that well.  I have pretty much stopped trying to do
that, all I get is a blank stare.  What I have been doing recently is
give them a machine that has been given to me broke (Windows do get
broken from time to time) and replace it with Ubuntu.  I give it back to
them and I usually never hear anything about it.  They just start using
it!  Most don't even know the difference.  I replaced the Kiosk in my
wife, Vicki's tax office with Puppy Linux, as it was an old machine.
People just walk up to it and use it!  Until I tell them it's Linux,
most don't even ask!
If I could do anything I would encourage all of us to continue what we
are doing.  To continue to work together, to help people out there, to
support a distro, to show people options for integrating, to help them
find the software they need, etc.  
We have come a long way in a short time.  Even Redmond said that their
biggest threat was Linux.  Hey, Windows Ultimate has built a Subsystem
for UNIX-based Applications (SUA), or rather a Microsoft
ystem-unix-based-applications.html#> -supported solution to compiling
and running Linux
ystem-unix-based-applications.html#> /BSD software, or for that matter
any software
ystem-unix-based-applications.html#>  for a UNIX/POSIX O/S.  That is
HUGE in my opinion.  That says we have already made the grade.
Let's keep it up and work together.
My thoughts,
George Mulak


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people dont care as much if a piece of software is open source because
they dont know what the source code even means. they want the best and
what works for them. at least thats what i find...

On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 4:19 PM, seidos <kdemarest at gmail.com> wrote:

	Hey Mark:
	Qcad and DraftSight are 2d.  I already showed my brother 2d open
source CAD solutions.  He wasn't impressed enough to take them
	I would think the loftier ideals of "the source belonging to the
people" to be the kind of thing that might convince some individuals to
feel the effort in learning something new would be worth their time.
But this is pure speculation.  
	Perhaps the community can shine some light on individuals they
managed to switch over.  I got my cousin to use Linux for his server
stuff (I believe he uses Open Suse), but he was already a computer
enthusiast.  I know some in the ULUG managed to switch over family
members that weren't computer enthusiasts, but i don't know the
specifics of the scenarios, and why they were able to get the user
switch to stick, or even how happy the users are with the switch. 

	On Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 12:52 PM, Mark Garrow <scunizi at cox.net>

		Seidos... I was just doing some cad for a friends dash
on his RV9
		airplane.. Other than QCad I found DraftSight which has
a community
		edition and a pro paid version that adds just a couple
of things.
		On the other points.. the FOSS philosophy might work
more now that most
		everyone are looking to save a buck here and there.  On
the saving $'s
		front, many have machines that are older, slow, riddled
with (you name
		it) and don't have the money to buy a new machine and/or
can't find the
		reinstall disks or the money to pay anyone to do it for
them.  That is
		an opportunity for FOSS and Ubuntu.  Although,
admittedly difficult to
		find these people individually, when you do they're
often open to the
		idea with some hesitation.
		It's tough to overcome a windows/mac user that has a
specific program
		that they just have to have.
		Mark Garrow
		Scunizi / Izinucs
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