[Ubuntu-US-CA] Starting Out w/ Linux

Mark Garrow scunizi at cox.net
Sat Mar 12 20:52:09 UTC 2011

Seidos... I was just doing some cad for a friends dash on his RV9
airplane.. Other than QCad I found DraftSight which has a community
edition and a pro paid version that adds just a couple of things.

On the other points.. the FOSS philosophy might work more now that most
everyone are looking to save a buck here and there.  On the saving $'s
front, many have machines that are older, slow, riddled with (you name
it) and don't have the money to buy a new machine and/or can't find the
reinstall disks or the money to pay anyone to do it for them.  That is
an opportunity for FOSS and Ubuntu.  Although, admittedly difficult to
find these people individually, when you do they're often open to the
idea with some hesitation.

It's tough to overcome a windows/mac user that has a specific program
that they just have to have.

Mark Garrow
Scunizi / Izinucs

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