[Ubuntu-US-CA] Lets Order From the Ubuntu Shop!

Mr. Andrzejak mrandrzejak at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 01:11:43 UTC 2011

Hello Cali Members! I am planning to place an order from the Ubuntu shop if
anyone is interested.


Purchasing a couple items yourself from the store can be *REALLY* pricey
because of the shipping. From a little research, here is how the shipping
prices tend to go.

1 item ordered - $10 to $50 depending on whats ordered (from stickers to a
5 items ordered - shipping price drops to about $7 per piece
10+ items ordered - shipping drops to about $5 each

I will place the order on March 15th, so start checking items you might want
now. There is a great looking Meerkat shirt, a sleek looking mouse, not to
mention the good "swag" in the sale section and who wouldnt want an Ubuntu
branded 4GB USB key with Ubuntu installed on it?? If you are thinking of
getting an Ubuntu Hour going, already have an Ubuntu Hour going, speaking at
LUGs, or whatever... make yourself look smarter with official Ubuntu gear :)

OK, now for some important notes...

* Please be specific in what you want (item #, size, color, etc)
* I'll require payment via paypal before order is placed unless I have met
you (or someone Ive met can vouch for you)
* Price will be as follows: (your item price) + (determined shipping) + $2
to ship item to you* = your total
* Backpacks & coffee mugs i'll have to charge you exact shipping to you (not
$2) + the determined shipping
* If you are only ordering something very small, say a 4GB chip or stickers,
I wont charge my shipping to you
* If we meet up someplace I also wont charge you my shipping to you

I will ship items out promptly when the box arrives. If all goes well this
time around and everyone is happy with things, I would be willing to do a
quarterly shipment.

Email me, reply to this, or find me in the IRC channel and PM me
(iheartubuntu) and I will give you my paypal info to send funds.

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