[Ubuntu-US-CA] Hello from near San Diego

Tony Baechler tony.baechler at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 03:19:06 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I haven't actually used Ubuntu much, but I've used Debian for several years
and I read Planet Ubuntu regularly.  I first installed Debian in 2000 with
Potato and ran it on a business server from 2004 to 2009.  In 2009, the
business shut down the server to save money, but I still run it on my
machines here.  I have an extra partition though and I want to try Ubuntu.

As the subject says, I'm near San Diego.  I didn't see anything going on
locally.  I wouldn't mind meeting local Ubuntu people at some point if there
are any, but I'm totally blind, so transportation could be an issue.  I am
interested in improving the accessibility of Ubuntu, especially in the
graphical environment.  I am not a programmer, but I hope to learn how to do
packaging.  I can't think of much else to say about myself except that I
hope I can find something useful to do and I'm glad there is a code of
conduct to follow.  I just left a group which had no such thing and the
personal attacks finally became too much for me.

I'll close with a question.  Is this a user help list?  I know there is a
ubuntu-user list, but it's high volume and I don't think I can keep up.  I'm
having a weird problem that I'm hoping I can get resolved.  Thank you all
very much for your time.

Have a good day,
Tony Baechler
mailto:tony.baechler at gmail.com

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