[Ubuntu-US-CA] 20th Annual South Bay Linux Picnic - 27th August, 2011 - (http://linuxpicnic.org/)

David Sanabria david.sanabria at us.ibm.com
Sun Aug 7 19:56:00 UTC 2011

Hi Folks,

I'd like to spread the word about a great family activity that takes place 
every year in Sunnyvale called the Linux Picnic. This year's Picnic will 
take place on Saturday, the 27th of August. (http://linuxpicnic.org/)

Volunteers are always welcome to pitch in, and donations are never 
refused. Your presence is always welcome.

In past years, this event typically followed the Linux World Expo at the 
Moscone Centre in San Francisco, but as anyone who's been to the "expo" 
for the last few years will tell you, times have changed.

The Picnic endures! And Linux's popularity and success have never been 
greater, as those on this list surely know.

I'll be at the picnic, happy to talk about what IBM is doing with Linux 
and will even have a demo of the IBM Open Client for Linux. If there are 
any IBMers on the list, I will also have CDs with the OCDC (Ubuntu) and 
Open Client (RHEL6) to give out (ID required, of course).

Looking forward to seeing you there!


 DAVID SANABRIA                                Office:       +1 (916) 
    Database & Infrastructure Architect        Mobile/SMS:   +1 (916) 
    IBM Integrated Competencies II             Pager: +1 (916) 641-4118, 
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