[Ubuntu-US-CA] ubuntu-california.org

Eric Hammond esh at ubuntu.com
Fri Oct 29 23:11:24 UTC 2010

I mentioned it on the IRC channel and put a note on
but wanted to formally tell the group that I have registered the 
following domain on behalf of the Ubuntu California team:


along with likely typos:


Yes, this is domain squatting to prevent domain squatting, but I make no 
personal claim to the domains and will perform any of the following 
actions if the group decides they wish to use the domain:

  - Redirect the domain (and www.) to the primary team web site.  This
    is currently set to the wiki.

  - Set DNS for the domain (and www.) to the hosting provider selected
    by the team

  - Transfer ownership of the domains to a team account.

Eric Hammond

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