[Ubuntu-US-CA] Silicon Valley Code Camp

Mark Terranova mark at gidgetkitchen.org
Sun Oct 10 22:35:06 UTC 2010

Hello all, Our session at Code Camp was well attended.   1600+ people
attended- up 40% from last year.


As a matter of fact, we had the 2nd highest total of new attendees. The
organizers took notice. They wanted to know if we would be interested in a
*whole track* dedicated to Linux. They expressed a desire to have some big
names attached to help draw folks to the event. I talked to Karsten Wade
from Fedora - he is interested. Hopefully Jono and some other folks with
name-draw are willing to join this noble cause. For those of you that may
not know, this event has a fair amount of proprietary stuff involved. This
is great chance to show folks what the wonders of the FOSS universe can be.
Ryan Singer and Earl Malmrose have a fair amount of name recognition- who
else can we think of?

Thank you to Drew for organizing. Thanks to Aaditya, Jack, Ryan, Earl,
and  everyone else involved. A big debt of gratitude to Scott Strobele for
his help/guidance, he made things much easier on us.

We will post the videos of all the talks soon. Here are the pics that were
taken by myself & Chris W;

Let me know if anyone has more :)

All Hail Tux the Magnificent!
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