[Ubuntu-US-CA] Code Camp Session went quite well

nuboon2age nuboon2age at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 05:25:02 UTC 2010

Today's Code Camp session went quite well.  We had about 60 people or so,
Me, Mark, Ryan, Jack, Aaditya, Earl spoke for something like 85 minutes.  it
was video taped so we'll have to see how that came out.  i'll try to get all
the slide presentations up on the project page at least.

 <#nuboon2age>Oh, and we were talking to one of the key organizers, Peter
Kellner afterwards and brainstorming about getting Canonical sponsorship,
Jono talking there and maybe even Linux Torvalds as a keynote speaker next
year!!!!  Quite a potential coup for an event who's major sponsor is M$!!!

 <#nuboon2age> jtatum almost gave a talk, but we ran out of time.  He's at
least got a presentation/demo ready to do sometime.

 <#nuboon2age>I met the guy who was wearing the Ubuntu California shirt.
 Jeff Trull from SF and he got the shirt from pleia2. He may be joining us
here at some point.


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