[Ubuntu-US-CA] "The Ubuntu community cannot, and does not want to, prescribe which formal structure its local teams should use”

kdemarest kdemarest at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 15:30:42 UTC 2010

I couldn't help but get the feeling that we might be taking this leadership
election a little too seriously.  Maybe it would help to point out the
truism that a leader can't force anyone to do anything on our team.  All
they can do is make suggestions.  I mean, from the looks of things we're all
volunteers for goodness sakes.  The best that a leader can do is remind us
why we're here, in case we spend too much time chasing our own tails.  I
mean, if we refuse to do what the leader wants, who is going to force us?
 The FOSS police?

We should probably be looking to ourselves for leaders, and not looking
outside ourselves.  Oftentimes, we expect too much from our leaders, because
we expect so little from ourselves.  For this we probably owe our leaders an

I still think the best leader is someone who is best at teaching.  I know
for me, personally, I need to connect with knowledgeable individuals who can
*gracefully* show me what I don't know.  I mean, let's just get the fact
that I'm an idiot out of the way, and let's just move forward to try and
reduce my idiocy.  -_-  On this same line of thought, I would suggest that
ego is detrimental to Us.  Wanting to help with FOSS is great, but if you
don't have the knowledge, what good is the desire?  And I don't mean to
project my own feelings of inadequacy on the team, but I really don't see
how the problems I see with Ubuntu, or GNU/Linux for that matter, are
presently going to be solved.

I talked to a friend yesterday.  You know what she said?  I mean, we all
probably already know this, but it is probably worth repeating.  "I want
something that works and is cheap".  How can I, in good faith, recommend
Ubuntu to someone when this is what they are looking for?  What is the sound
bite?  They are not interested in philosophical notions of right and wrong,
monopolies being bad, etc.  They want it to be cheap, and to work.  Enough
said, end of story.  I mean, having their ear is fine.  I suppose the best
that can be done, at present, is planting the seed that there is a more
ethical alternative, that may be cheaper and work better for them (but
probably not on the latter).

This all having been said, if I offended anybody with my candor, let's talk
about it.  I am more than inclined to admit that I'm wrong with my opinions
based on my own limited personal experience.

Speaking of personal experience, I know that my own insistence on working on
my own projects is a major reason why I'm doing them alone.  So if you have
a project you want help with, even if it's just you in front of your
computer "alone" on the Internet, by all means, let me know.  Perhaps others
will feel the same way.

So, this all having been said, here are the projects I'm presently working
on everybody.

*  Trying to figure out why top says that all but 52MB of my RAM is being
utilized at present of 2GB
*  Trying to see if i can configure compiz standalone by following this
guide:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompizStandalone
* Figuring out how I'm going to host my website
* Reading Python the Hard way (ug, someone give me some motivation on this
* Trying to figure out what all the processes in ps aux are for, and if any
can be eliminated.

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