[Ubuntu-US-CA] Team Leadership Election Announcement!

Jack Deslippe jdeslip at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 16:34:27 UTC 2010

> This is an excellent document and I think will help form the basis for
> our leadership document (to be hosted on the wiki) moving forward, you
> rock! If you don't mind, I'll try to take some time tonight to put the
> key points into wiki format.

Sounds good.  Feel free to do whatever you like with it.  I don't
particularly care about any of the details of the proposed structure in that
document.  I just think that the team does need some sort of brief but
well-defined leadership structure in place.  I.e. something that outlines
what the powers of the leadership council are and how they are elected (how
often etc... so people see a clear leadership path) and generally lays out
how decisions are made in the group.  In other words, when we elect the new
council, it would be helpful to have their rules reasonably well defined and
an assurance that voting will happen on a regular  basis.

> While I certainly *like* the proposal of regional leaders, I fear that
> the proposal will need to be worked out some detail-wise and I think
> that is going to take some time. Plus we need to avoid the trap of
> over-engineering a leadership solution that ends up being unwieldy or
> ultimately unnecessary.
> How do you feel about an initial 3 person leadership where their
> region is clearly indicated on their wiki page (so people can vote for
> their local person if they want, or at least as some idea who is
> where), see how that works, and then by election time next year we
> plan to have the kinks worked out of the regional idea if it's still
> something we feel is needed?

Ya, as I said above, I am not particularly attached to the details of the
structure in that document - it was just a proposal of something I thought
would work at the time. I believe Robert pointed out that defining the
regions would be prohibitively messy.  To be honest, I think any vote is
likely to turn up 3 leaders from different parts of the state since a lot
people will naturally vote for the candidate they know nearby.

Anyway, I am really excited to hear about the progress that has been made in
the last few meetings.  I look forward to voting!  Is their a central
wiki-page where we can see everyone who is running instead of visiting all
the possible individual pages?

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