[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu Tri-Fold Source Files

Nathan Haines nhaines at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 28 20:44:56 UTC 2010

I was going to point out everything that Mark did  (except I didn't 
catch "networs", good job).  To be honest, I can't tell what's changed 
from before.

I know the hardest part of doing something like this is figuring out 
what should be there and getting it written and able to fit.  So I think 
the hard work that has been done is commendable and I really like the 
result.  So the very detailed criticisms below should be seen as simple 
copyediting that is required to really make the product shine and to 
keep fickle end-users from disregarding the message and information 
because it doesn't look "professional".

I know we don't have the new Ubuntu font yet (I've been told we should 
expect it around the end of the month) but I think the new logo and 
colors should be used.  I'm not sure why all the screen shots use the 
old DarkRoom theme instead of 9.10's default Human theme, but I would 
have expected that they be updated to use Ambiance for 10.04 LTS.

"Brocure" is misspelled in the filename.  Is this intentional?  It looks 

"Simple CCSM" finds the right software in Ubuntu Software Center but in 
10.04 LTS it is listed as "Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager"

"Flashplayer" refers to "Adobe Flash" or "Adobe Flash Player" and should 
not be combined into one word.

The URLs on the 'back' panel should either include the URI protocol 
(http://) or not--it shouldn't be random.

The title fonts should either be serif or sans-serif, the "How to get 
Flash, YouTube, Hulu" title is the wrong typeface, size, and style.

Section titles switch from "How to" introductions to first-person questions.

Reference to searching for "install.exe" files for software is odd, 
since Windows software uses "setup.exe"

Brochure says not to search for and download software on the "Internet" 
(meaning the World Wide Web), but then recommends "World of Goo", for 
which users will have to search for, purchase, and download from 2D 
Boy's website.

Under no circumstances should snes9x be a game recommendation.  It's not 
useful 'out of the box' and encourages piracy.  It's a Super Nintendo 
emulator that comes with no games and is useless without legally dumping 
your personal SNES cartridges with a ROM dumper to your computer (but 
which is against the license provided with the games) or illegally 
downloading commercial games from shady websites.  (We can pretend they 
might find legal homebrew projects but I doubt this is likely without 
further guidance.)

Gwibber description doesn't align when it wraps.

Nathan Haines
Ubuntu California Local Community Team

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