[Ubuntu-US-CA] Request assistance setting up a Logitech C500 Webcam in Ubuntu 8.04

Justyn Zachariou jzachariou at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 23:16:51 UTC 2010

On 01/-10/37 11:59, Nesmith II, Robert wrote:
> Dear Sirs
> I have a Logitech C500 Webcam which I would like to use with Skype but 
> I have been unable to get the system to recognize the Webcam.
> Do you have a set of instructions that I could follow to install the 
> webcam.
> Thank you!
> Robert NeSmith
> Robertn454 at yahoo.com <mailto:Robertn454 at yahoo.com>
All the Logitech C Series cams should work without user intervention via 
UVC. I myself just got a C200 and it works perfectly with Skype and 
everything else without me having to do anything.

https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam and

See if the cam has a special device. It should be /dev/video0.

If it is, install cheese, a webcam booth program (package "cheese") and 
see if it works there. It's under Sound and Video. When the webcam is 
activated, on your model the orange light to the left of the lens should 

If this works, I don't know much else to do about Skype. Maybe see if it 
didn't autodetect it for some reason and look at Video Devices in 
Preferences if you haven't already...

Someone with more experience help Rob, I'm pretty inexperienced.

Justyn Zachariou
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