[Ubuntu-US-CA] Asking For Opinion: Leadership Appointment Process

Marty Conway mcconway at verizon.net
Wed Mar 10 06:39:50 UTC 2010

Jono Bacon wrote:
> Hi All,
> To those of you who don't know me, I am Jono Bacon and I am the Ubuntu 
> Community Manager, now residing in the Easy Bay in sunny California. :-)
> Aside from just being part of the team, I have also been helping to 
> resolve some conflict that has been happening in the team. I have had 
> some calls with Neal and Grant and spoken to many of you to gather your 
> input about the team and this conflict.
> Today I had a conference call with Neal and Grant and both identified 
> that a key issue is that sometimes unresolved issues are left open and 
> not resolved. Typically in most LoCo teams in these scenarios the leader 
> will help unblock and bring closure to these issues. While Neal is the 
> leader Ubuntu California, there was some uncertaintly in our call as to 
> how formally recognized this is.
> I made a suggestion in the call, but Grant, Neal and I all agreed that 
> we should not move forward with the suggestion without gathering 
> feedback from the team as to whether it is needed. As such, I would like 
> to ask each of you to provide feedback on the following suggestion - 
> some of you will want to mail me your feedback privately, and some will 
> be happy to reply to the list. Whatever method you choose: please 
> summarize *your* view, and not the view of someone who has asked you to 
> provide feedback one way or the other. The aim of this is for me to get 
> a barometer of opinion for this proposal.
> This is it:
>     I recommend we have a leadership appoint process that works like this:
>         * With Neal already the leader of the team, starting from April
>           1st 2010 he would start a formally recognized one year term of
>           leadership (he would be grandfathered in).
>         * In March 2011 a leadership appointment process will happen
>           that works like this:
>               o there will be an invitation for people to nominate
>                 themselves for leadership. There will be a standard wiki
>                 template used for people to produce their case for
>                 leadership and others will provide testimonials.
>               o a meeting will be scheduled and nominations will be
>                 discussed, there will then be a vote using a voting tool
>                 to identify the leader.
>               o if there is a draw or some conflict surrounding the
>                 vote, the LoCo Council will evaluate the case and pick a
>                 leader.
> What do you think? Please vote with:
>     * +1 - you agree with the above proposal.
>     * -1 - you disagree with the above proposal.
> Again, feel free to provide feedback privately to me or publicly on the 
> list.
> Thanks!
>      Jono

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