[Ubuntu-US-CA] Asking For Opinion: Leadership Appointment Process

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Tue Mar 9 06:20:05 UTC 2010

+1 for me.
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Subject: [Ubuntu-US-CA] Asking For Opinion: Leadership Appointment Process

Hi All,

To those of you who don't know me, I am Jono Bacon and I am the Ubuntu 
Community Manager, now residing in the Easy Bay in sunny California. :-)

Aside from just being part of the team, I have also been helping to 
resolve some conflict that has been happening in the team. I have had 
some calls with Neal and Grant and spoken to many of you to gather your 
input about the team and this conflict.

Today I had a conference call with Neal and Grant and both identified 
that a key issue is that sometimes unresolved issues are left open and 
not resolved. Typically in most LoCo teams in these scenarios the leader 
will help unblock and bring closure to these issues. While Neal is the 
leader Ubuntu California, there was some uncertaintly in our call as to 
how formally recognized this is.

I made a suggestion in the call, but Grant, Neal and I all agreed that 
we should not move forward with the suggestion without gathering 
feedback from the team as to whether it is needed. As such, I 

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