[Ubuntu-US-CA] Fwd: Announcing Ubuntu User Day - January 23, 2010

Nathan Haines nhaines at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 25 03:33:29 GMT 2010

On Sun, 2010-01-24 at 19:24 -0800, Grant Bowman wrote:
> Here is the announcement as mentioned in today's IRC meeting.  The
> logs are available online and another event will take place in
> approximately six months.

What *was* remarkable, and unmentioned in the announcement, is that this
was the first official Ubuntu event to promote the use of Lernid, which
is a Quickly application by Jono Bacon that puts users into the
appropriate IRC channels and displays URLs and presentation slides

It was a huge sucess, and we even found some bugs in Lernid (for
example, if you address someone or prefix a statement with a word and
colon (such as "Question: What is foo?"), Lernid displayed an error
saying "question:" is an unknown URL protocol.  ;)

Lernid is going to make these events very accessible, and is a brilliant
example of how to use the existing infrastructure while being as
inclusive as possible.  More information about Lernid is available at:

Nathan Haines <nhaines at ubuntu.com>
Ubuntu California Local Community Team

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