[Ubuntu-US-CA] San Diego Ubuntu Hour! All Interested San Diegans Ping Me Back!

Kevin DuBois kdub432 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 16:14:15 UTC 2010

Hey all,
Nice to get some feedback. I've already heard back from 3 or 4 interested

Never having been to a California Ubuntu Hour before, I'm not sure what they
are typically like. My idea here is to have a meeting, once a month, where
anyone interested in Ubuntu or any of its various subsystems can attend to
see if they can learn more about it. I'm a driver developer by day, so I
tend to see Ubuntu as more of a sum of parts, and would want this meeting to
be open to anyone interested in Ubuntu or its constituent parts.

Some group use scenarios:
1. Fledgling coder comes in for help with getting started with C coding for
<oss project>
2. Small business owner comes in to talk about whether Ubuntu can be used in
lieu of Windows
3. Coder comes looking for extra manpower to help with his pet Gnome-based
Python project
4. Coder comes in looking to learn how to make debian packages
5. Interested person comes in to learn how to triage through bugs on

Some of the above-mentioned points are directly related to Ubuntu (like #2
or #5), but #1, #3 would help out the greater OSS community, and #4 would
help Ubuntu indirectly via the debian community.

After talking to Flannel (and getting very lost downtown this weekend) I'd
agree that Mission/Fashion Valley would be a good place to hold meetings.
Its somewhat central, plenty of parking, and a lot of freeways lead there.

Suggestions/advice still welcome. I'll attend the next IRC meeting to
advocate this idea further.

Kevin DuBois
kdub432 at gmail.com

On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 12:16 AM, David Kaiser <dkaiser at cdk.com> wrote:

> Good question Nathan.
> Well, the 5 points Kevin listed seem like what I had in mind.  #3 and #5
> specifically are Ubuntu focused.
> When I started a LUG 8 years ago, I was definitely thinking I would have
> this highly technical group where people would be building and
> distributing their own signed packages, etc.   I am now almost
> completely on the side of "just have fun, be social, and explore the
> Linux system in an intelligent manner".  It allows the technical folks
> to be technical, and everyone to just be there to learn or socialize...
> So, for Ubuntu Hour, I'd probably stick to those lines except have more
> of a focus on the Ubuntu specifics rather than general Linux,
> Launchpad, important Wikis, etc.    I'd actually be fairly open on the
> type of content if were all related to Ubuntu.
> (not sure if that answered your question)
> On 08/14/2010 11:24 PM, Nathan Haines wrote:
> > On 08/14/2010 10:16 PM, David Kaiser wrote:
> >> I still recommend to Kevin to startup a real Ubuntu Hour...  :)
> >
> > No one said "make it like BarCamp", they just said "BarCamp might be a
> > good source of interested people for a hacker-friendly event.
> >
> > What do you think makes a "real" Ubuntu Hour?  I ask because everyone
> > seems to have their own ideas and I'm always looking to shamelessly
> > reuse them for the one I have.  ;)
> >
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