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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 17:47:10 UTC 2009


Grant isn't contributing constructively here

I spend lots of time working on Ubuntu projects locally with Grant, and I
have never known him to be obstreperous or uncooperative.  As far as I have
known Grant, he is very nice and very cooperative.  My experience with him
is that he goes out of his way to be nice, and is willing to go to
considerable inconvenience and even expense to collaborate on projects.

I think that if you find him to be uncooperative, you should probably
consider why you have interpreted his behavior to be that way, because it is
nothing like the Grant Bowman that I know.  I have spent weeks and weeks
working with Grant, and I find him to be very easy to get along with.

Something should be done to make this list more friendly, but I don't see
that something having anything to do with modifying Grant's behavior,

Can we have a more friendly list environment, please?  Thanks for
considering my request.
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