[Ubuntu-US-CA] SoCal Karmic Launch Party

Neal Bussett neal at bussett.com
Wed Nov 11 22:15:13 UTC 2009

Let's do lunch followed by the installfest.  We haven't done it this way
before, and it'll allow us to get together and catch up before we have
to get down to business at the installfest.

Lunch would be more of a chance for our team to celebrate and socialize,
and then the installfest would be for everyone else to show up and
learn, install, etc.  Everyone, of course, is welcome to come to lunch.

So, first-cut times would be like 1130 to 130 for lunch, and then 2 to
6? 7? 8?pm for the installfest?  What's everyone think?

Neal Bussett
Ubuntu California

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