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The Loco-Contacts list is where announcements are made and discussion
takes place that effects more than one of our Local Communities.
Since someone recently asked about Chinese and Korean translations and
because California is culturally diverse I thought I would forward
this to our list in case anyone is interested.  The use of IRC
classrooms every Thursday with simultaneous IRC classrooms of
different languages and live translations sounds like a great way to
reach out to the non-english speaking Ubuntu community.


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Hello everybody,

as some of you will have noticed, we announced the Packaging Training
sessions over here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Packaging/Training

This is an effort by the Ubuntu Developer community to create a place
where new developers get involved, learn something new and can ask all
their questions. Every Thursday we'll have another session in

Why am I asking for help here? Because we'd also like to make it easier
for people who are not familiar enough with the English language. That
does not mean we want to translate the full sessions simultaneously, but
if people ask questions and are afraid to ask them in English, we'd like
to get their questions translated into.

How do we think this should work? The sessions are going to happen in
#ubuntu-classroom on irc.freenode.net. I for one am going to hang out in
#ubuntu-classroom-de as well and if somebody asks a question in German
in there, I'll simply translate it and re-ask it in #ubuntu-classroom.
Unfortunately there's no way around learning enough English to
participate in Ubuntu Development. You simply have to pick up enough to
collaborate with all other developers. We just want to make the first
steps as easy as possible.

In the future, it'd be nice to have the Packaging Guide translated to
all other languages as well and maybe have sessions in multiple
languages, for now we just aim towards the most easily achievable goals.

We'd appreciate if you'd hang out in the #ubuntu-classroom-<??> channels
during Thursdays and help out a bit. If you're willing, please add
yourself to

Thanks a lot in advance, by this simple effort you make the world a
better place!

Have a great day,
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