[Ubuntu-US-CA] Questions about Joining the Localization Team for California

龔 振勝 can10eezcf00l at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 29 06:18:27 UTC 2009


Maybe I'm asking the wrong team this, but I was looking into joining the
localization team for ubuntu (I know Traditional/Simplified Chinese AND
Korean).  I was wondering how all of this is being managed in the Ubuntu
community, and how it differs from private translation corporations.

Do we use Project Management Programs (PMPs) to organize and schedule
localization projects and coding?  Also, do we use open source
alternatives to programs like SDL Passolo and Alchemy Catalyst to
localize the software?  (Or are we just doing this as a hodge-podge
cluster of individuals?)

In either case, I'd really like to join the California group, and help
out with the localization efforts.

Best Regards,


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