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Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 16:48:39 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 9:35 AM, Bill Kendrick <nbs at sonic.net> wrote:

> I haven't RTFA, but I'm curious as to what aspects of Ubuntu Linus finds
> 'easy'?

Hi, Bill --

Here's what he told Caitlyn Martin in the interview, for those who haven't
RTFA (and Bill, to be fair, gets a pass in my book because I know a new
verison of TuxPaint is being tested as we speak):

"And when it comes to distributions, ease of installation has actually been
one of my main issues - I'm a technical person, but I have a very specific
area of interest, and I don't want to fight the rest. So the only
distributions I have actively avoided are the ones that are known to be
'overly technical' - like the ones that encourage you to compile your own
programs etc.

"Yeah, I can do it, but it kind of defeats the whole point of a distribution
for me. So I like the ones that have a name of being easy to use. I've never
used plain Debian, for example, but I like Ubuntu. And before Debian people
attack me - yeah, I know, I know, it's supposedly much simpler and easier to
install these days. But it certainly didn't use to be, so I never had any
reason to go for it."
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