[Ubuntu-US-CA] Meeting Tonight (6/28)

Neal Bussett neal at bussett.com
Sun Jun 28 19:53:54 UTC 2009

Howdy All,

We've got a LoCo meeting tonight at 7pm (1900 PDT) in #ubuntu-california
on freenode.  If you need help connecting, let us know, or try: 

Our meeting tonight will focus entirely on OSCON planning, which is
something everyone can participate in, even if you can't make it to the
convention itself.  If you have additional topics which are
time-sensitive, feel free to add them to the agenda, which can be found

OSCON is only three weeks away now, and we really need to pin down some
specifics for the booth so we have time to create whatever media we
might want.

We've got a mailing list thread about this already:
Everyone in encouraged to chime in today, and hopefully tonight we'll
have only a few things left to figure out.

Here are some broad topics (certainly not exhaustive) that we'll
probably want to discuss and decide on:
Information : Informational stuff we want to have to give away (CDs,
Flyers, etc)
Schwag : What we want to have to give away "for fun"
Booth Branding : what sort of stuff we want to say "Hey, this is an
Ubuntu booth"
Stuff for external use: What we want at the booth that visitors will
interact with (and not take away) (demo computers, slideshow, etc)
Stuff for Internal Use: What we need so we can have a good booth (cheat
sheets, burning software, etc)

I'm really looking forward to the discussion at the meeting tonight,
hope to see you all there.

Neal Bussett
Ubuntu California

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