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Nathan Haines nhaines at ubuntu.com
Thu Jun 25 02:09:36 UTC 2009

Larry Cafiero wrote:
> I am in agreement with what Grant writes below -- nice work all 
> around, Grant -- but I'm especially in agreement in regard to 
> directing people to LUG meetings (which, ideally, will be properly 
> attended by Ubuntu LoCo members) because in the short, medium and long 
> run, it benefits Ubuntu and any other distro or FOSS program that 
> takes the reins on this issue.
I'm in complete disagreement with what Grant writes.

For one thing, I don't think the link deserves to be on every single 
page in the wiki.  If we're going to highlight anything on the wiki, it 
should definitely be our own upcoming projects or events, since that is 
the focus of the page.

Another thing that concerned me since we first compiled the list is that 
there have been countless sites that exist to list LUGs and events, and 
not a single one of them is complete or maintained.  If a dedicated site 
can't do it, I don't have any confidence that we'll manage to and I 
think that's a very poor sort of link to feature on every sort of page. 

Grant likes to say "our target audience is all Ubuntu users in 
California", which is a huge strawman and which I feel is an attempt to 
justify including a few things that don't belong on the wiki.  
Regardless of whom we are targeting as a resource, it is important to 
remember and focus on being a resource about the LoCo.  This is not 
self-serving, it's simply the purpose of the wiki.  While I think we 
should help promote LUGs where appropriate, I don't think every single 
page of our wiki is the right place to do so.

I am, however, very happy and proud that we have a couple Bay Area LUGs 
who are providing fliers for our OSCON booth, and I'm sorry that our 
booth wasn't big enough to accommodate them.  I'm hoping we can do more 
promotion in the future, but I think the best chance we have to promote 
LUGs is through conventions and hopefully on the podcast.


Nathan Haines
Ubuntu California Local Community Team

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