[Ubuntu-US-CA] OSCON Booth Planning

Grant Bowman grantbow at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 19:30:14 UTC 2009

The video looks good, Jack!  I realize the point of this video is to
record what's actually happening on screen but editing the video (with
http://cinelerra.org/ or others tools) so it looks the same as your
desktop that isn't recording at the same time doesn't feel like
cheating to me.  Every computer system has it's limits.

Thanks for stepping forward to produce a banner too.

Should we have network: -1  It sure would be nice but it's expensive
and nobody has volunteered to help pay for it yet. If someone steps
forward then of course +1.

Should we have power: +1 Thanks Ernest!

Should the 9'x9' space be split 50/50 with CA LUGs: -1 As Bill
Kendrick said, our plate is full representing both the California Team
and the Ubuntu community project but there are many ways we can
collaborate in smaller ways.

Should LUGs be promoted: +1 A poster is a great idea.  Are you
volunteering?  Maybe we can work with the openstreetmap.org folks on
this.  I've been trying to attend their events over the past months
but I've had scheduling conflicts.  I will email Sarah Manley now.

Grant Bowman
California Team

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 9:39 AM, Jack Deslippe<jdeslip at berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Here is the link to the youtube video of the demo I have so far.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBlZjY2uxeU
> -Jack
> Jack Deslippe wrote:
>> Darn, I didn't see this email until I sent mind.  Hope you don't mind.
>> In order to stay organized, I will paste the text of my other email here
>> so people can respond to this thread.
>> Here is a quick summary of what I would personally like to contribute to
>> the OSCON table and my opinions on the questions about the booth that
>> are still under discussion.
>> ----------------
>> I would like contribute the following:
>> A video showing off the ubuntu desktop (compiz / look-feel / etc) and
>> key apps that can be run on the ubuntu desktop (OO.org, Firefox/Hulu,
>> Wine, Banshee etc).  I will upload the video to youtube tomorrow; so,
>> people can comment on it and we can improve it.  I can provide a 22 inch
>> lcd screen (at least) to show this on if it is accepted.
>> I will print a large reusable banner.  I would like to discussion the
>> dimensions of this and where to get high resolution stock ubuntu images.
>> I will contribute up to $60 for power as it is obviously necessary for
>> my video demo idea.
>> ---------------
>> About the major questions of interest:
>> Should we have network: -1  (I don't think it is worth $400 and
>> hopefully enough smart phones are present)
>> Should we have power: +1 (I think this is absolutely necessary to have a
>> professional looking booth)
>> Should the space be split 50/50: +0  If it is possible to do it so that
>> it does not misrepresent Ubuntu as being a local group or a casual
>> organization than I am for it.  If it takes away from the professional
>> aspect of the booth, I am against it.  Which ever way it is decided, I
>> pledge my time both days to help make the Ubuntu and LUG booths be a
>> success.
>> Should LUGs be promoted: +1 At the very least Ubuntu's booth should hand
>> out flyers and perhaps present a poster showing locations of places
>> where you can get help in the California area (i.e. LUGS).
>> Cheers,
>> Jack
>> Neal Bussett wrote:
>>> As spillover from our meeting on the 14th of June, we're moving OSCON
>>> planning discussion here.
>>> So far: We don't know about electricity (but won't have network access).
>>> And we will be, at the very least, supporting the LUGs by having flyers
>>> available.
>>> Everyone involved in that discussion during the meeting should post their
>>> opinions here, even if you've already stated them at the meeting (since
>>> some of us have bad memories, and others weren't there).
>>> Neal Bussett
>>> Ubuntu California

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