[Ubuntu-US-CA] OSCON Continued

Jack Deslippe jdeslip at berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 15 04:08:27 UTC 2009

Hi All,

So the irc meeting just ended and I am pretty tired; So here is a quck 
summary of what I would personally like to contribute to the OSCON table 
and my opinions on the questions about the booth that are still under 

I would like contribute the following:

A video showing off the ubuntu desktop (compiz / look-feel / etc) and 
key apps that can be run on the ubuntu desktop (OO.org, Firefox/Hulu, 
Wine, Banshee etc).  I will upload the video to youtube tomorrow; so, 
people can comment on it and we can improve it.  I can provide a 22 inch 
lcd screen (at least) to show this on if it is accepted.

I will print a large reusable banner.  I would like to discussion the 
dimensions of this and where to get high resolution stock ubuntu images.

I will contribute up to $60 for power as it is obviously necessary for 
my video demo idea.

About the major questions of interest:

Should we have network: -1  (I don't think it is worth $400 and 
hopefully enough smart phones are present)

Should we have power: +1 (I think this is absolutely necessary to have a 
professional looking booth)

Should the space be split 50/50: +0  If it is possible to do it so that 
it does not misrepresent Ubuntu as being a local group or a casual 
organization than I am for it.  If it takes away from the professional 
aspect of the booth, I am against it.  Which ever way it is decided, I 
pledge my time both days to help make the Ubuntu and LUG booths be a 

Should LUGs be promoted: +1 At the very least Ubuntu's booth should hand 
out flyers and perhaps present a poster showing locations of places 
where you can get help in the California area (i.e. LUGS).



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