[Ubuntu-US-CA] Possiblity of sharing space with Ubuntu-CA

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Thu Jun 11 19:53:36 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 08:21:40AM -0700, Jack Deslippe wrote:
> Grant/Bill,
> How big (in physical size) is the Ubuntu-CA booth?  I guess Bill was 
> hoping to use ~half of the space to be manned by local LUGs?

That's what we were hoping for.  Not necessarily half, but enough space
for one or two people.

> To be honest, unless there is a lot of space, I think it is a better idea to
> use the space to provide a well put together booth demoing and providing 
> information of Ubuntu.  I say this because I think (if we prepare 
> properly) the Ubuntu booth should be a very professional visually 
> appealing area similar to what you would expect from say Red Hat.

Understood.  If, however, you think there'd be a way to dileniate us
such that we don't look like "oddballs sitting at the Ubuntu booth,"
and more like "a mini-booth", that'd work.

As I think I mentioned, we ended up sharing part of our booth space
with EFF at LinuxWorld in 2003.  I don't have any really good photos,
but here's one:

and another:

I admit I was annoyed by the number of kids who sat around the booth
poking at their laptops, so I generally discourage that kind of behavior.
(If you're at the booth, you're there to TALK TO PEOPLE. :) )

> I do think it would be appropriate to hand out flyers 
> from local LUGs where people can find out more. 

At the very LEAST -- that is, if booth sharing doesn't work out
and we can't get our own booth -- we're hoping to put together some
handouts and see if folks who DO have booths (Ubuntu, O'Reilly) would
be willing to put them out for us.

> So, It is somewhat against my own interests to say this, but I don't 
> think it is really a good idea to have the booth split in two from a 
> purely marketing/visual point of you.  If it is a large space, I think 
> we can get away with this.

Ok, well let me know, so I can pass it along to the folks who've
offered to volunteer so far.



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