[Ubuntu-US-CA] Possiblity of sharing space with Ubuntu-CA

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Thu Jun 11 19:46:09 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 02:48:11AM -0700, Grant Bowman wrote:
> I saw your postings to the many LUG mail lists I am subscribed to.  I
> am sorry I have not been able to respond to each one on each list, but
> having one discussion here makes sense.  We talked about this briefly
> a couple times when I visited Davis for meetings.

Consider me the 'liason' between the LUGs and Ubuntu-CA, with regards
to potentially sharing space at OSCON.

> When you say share space, exactly what are you proposing?  banners?
> handouts?

Handouts and warm bodies to represent the LUGs, answer questions, etc.
Pretty basic.

> Just before Oscon there will be a Community Leadership Summit headed

I hope to be there, as representative of both LUGOD and the Tux Paint
project in Tux4Kids.

> As for LinuxWorld (linuxworldexpo.com, this old URL still redirects),
> our group at our last IRC meeting (and Larry Cafiero mentioned that
> the Fedora group) agreed not to do any formal events at "Open Source
> World" (the new name) at the San Francisco Moscone Center Aug 12-13.

I haven't though any about Open Source World.  I'd rather see the LUGs
at OSCON, since it'll be the first time for _any_ of us, since OSCON's
been far away (San Diego?, and Portland) in prior years.  Plus, I've
only got so many cycles to spend on this kind of stuff.  As I've mentioned
elsewhere, if someone ELSE wants to organize a LUG booth at this event,
that'd be great... I've got a 2yo at home, so I'm pretty exhausted as it is.

> I hear Microsoft will have a presence at Open Source World this year.

No surprise, they've been in the past.
(See bottom photo at: http://lugod.org/photos/2003.08.04/ )


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