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Frank Harris-Smith frankhs at vzw.blackberry.net
Sat Jul 18 16:05:11 UTC 2009

I was probably rambling anyway...

My observations about people and computers are thus:

People generally have a good idea on what they want to *do* with a computer and discussions about the Operating System of a computer are as exciting to them as watching paint dry. 

It's how you frame your "sales pitch" about Ubuntu. Telling someone that is complaining about their Windows PC getting trashed by a virus that "Computer viruses are not an issue for me, I'm immune, I run Linux" and then just dropping it always gets them curious and they sometimes ask YOU for more. 

Ubuntu, for example, has an on-line Help forum that in my experience is better than Micro$hafts. I know this because with Micro$haft it's a long wait on hold even with a premium service account. At least that was what it was like a decade ago when I was working in IT

What most people want most is Internet browsing. YouTube. Facebook. Twitter. Internet Radio Etc.  Ubuntu with Firefox and the "Ubuntu Restricted Extras" delivers that. Plus that little immunity from malware thing ...

How about those Windows programs that you can't do without? For me it's Photoshop and the BlackBerry Desktop software. The answer is simple: a dual boot Ubuntu/Windows PC. Now all we have to do is translate that from "Geekonics" to human language. 

An operating system is a very personal choice, but most people don't know they have a choice. Computers, in all their experience, work in a certain way and that way is Micro$hafts way. But telling them about Ubuntu in "Geekonics" will probably get that glazed look and get you a bit of social avoidance. 

Missouri is the "Show Me" state. I have found that something someone is shown leaves a much deeper impression than even the most eloquent lecture. After tweaking someone's curiousity about Ubuntu I suggest that they "testdrive" Ubuntu on my laptop. They get to see how FireFox does everything, get to see what a "dual boot" PC is, and when I patiently walk them through creating a new user accout in their name they generally are impressed. 

Then I SHOW them Ubuntu's support forum, all the software availiable, and answer any questions (those I have answers for)

If they choose to "Go Ubuntu" or not is something I leave up to them.  

There is an investment required on my part, though. I usually need to walk them through the install and getting it set uo, but I'm usually amazed at how fast an Ubuntu N00b "leaves the nest"

Anyway, those are just a few ramblings I have


Frank Harris-Smith
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