[Ubuntu-US-CA] Hello, I'm new here

Frank Harris-Smith frankhs at vzw.blackberry.net
Sat Jul 18 15:04:24 UTC 2009

I've been "lurking" here for some time and reading posts about the various topics that are important to everybody.

First, about the "lurking" thing. I'm not a Jason nor something equally evil ;-)

I'm a hobbiest who likes to play with high-tech toys and dabble in lots of areas. Perhaps the best intro would be my personal website http://www.frankhs.50webs.com/

Some things on my website are not up to date, like I'm running "Jaunty Jackalope" with 

 I'd like share to a few thoughts about why I love Ubuntu. Number 1 is the security. Going fearlessly wherever I feel like surfing and not a whisper of a fear is priceless.

 I even ran into the infamous "Anti-Virus 2008" popup which "scanned" my laptop (running Ubuntu) and found dozens of Windows viruses. Imagine that. For laughes I said "Yes" to installing the "Anti-Virus 2008" and of course: nada. 

Second is the adventure. Ubuntu's bi-yearly upgrades keep me interested. Sometimes I even run betas so I can "testdrive" something "bleeding edge" new. 

Third: Open Source software. Being able to use the same software cross-platform is a great advantage. I use Micro$haft Windows for running software like Photoshop and the BlackBerry desktop. It's good to also be able to use OpenOffice, Audacity, the Gimp, FireFox  and etc 

Oh, yeah. I also use Micro$haft Windows for gaming... 


Frank Harris-Smith
Emailed from Verizon Blackberry 8703e

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