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Neal Bussett neal at bussett.com
Wed Jul 15 18:33:07 UTC 2009

Larry Cafiero wrote:
> I don't think this addresses what Paul's talking about, which seems to
> be a recurring problem with this thread when either Nathan or Neil (or
> both) respond -- the constant disconnect and redirection that happens in
> what appears to be an attempt at grinding things to a halt over a
> personality conflict (i.e., Grant proposed it, so we don't want to do it).

> $NEW_UBUNTU_USER and $LOCO_PARTICIPANT will find the one that's
> next-closest, if s/he so desires. The point here is that you go with the
> best link you can find to put on your page. Is it going to have inactive
> groups on it? Count on it. Is that a reason to exclude it? Absolutely not.

The disconnect is that the point of that project (User Groups Contacts)
is to connect our LoCo to LUGs, and that groups list was created as a
by-product of that project, so we can keep track of LUGs we want to
touch base with.  That page was never designed to connect arbitrary
people to LUGs (sending people isn't a bad thing, but that's not the
goal of this project).

The Groups link was a place to hastily put LUGs so we can then follow up
on them *for* that project.  As it stands now, however, this group link
has overshadowed the project it exists to support and isn't even
properly linked to from the projects page.  Feature creep on a project
level, if you will.

If we want to discuss the redefinition of the UGC project's scope, then
we should have a discussion about that, not just choose to do it and not
tell anyone that you decided to fundamentally change the scope of a
project.  (Which is effectively the situation we're in currently.)
There's nothing personal here, regardless of what you may have been told.

> The fact of the matter is, you're not going to find a perfect LUG list,
> and to base your argument on this, ahem, "fact" borders on ridiculous.

Nathan was commenting that instead of spending time on our own private
LUG list, people who want to create/contribute to one should do so in a
proper venue, one where more people can benefit because it's not hidden
away on a LoCo team's subpage of a subpage.

It's all about scope, and again, keeping ourselves focused on what the
LoCo (or specifically this project) is here to do, instead of turning it
into a playground for pet-projects that don't necessarily belong.

If we want to create an awesome-list-of-LUGs, let's do it properly.
Let's contribute to the other LUG listings, or if there's no usable list
site out there, *then* we'll look into creating one without whatever
problems exist with the current ones.  Does anyone have any suggestions
for sites that we can spruce up?  Or is the environment right now one
where it would be better to start from scratch?

Neal Bussett
Ubuntu California

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