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Maile Urbancic maile.urbancic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 08:22:49 UTC 2009


As a newcomer, I wanted to introduce myself and briefly summarize a project
that Grant Bowman, Jack Deslippe, and I have been planning.

I work with Cathy Malmrose to run Partimus, a non-profit that uses FOSS and
repurposed hardware to provide technology to disadvantaged children and
schools.  I have a background in mathematics and programming, but I am still
learning my way around Ubuntu; my more valuable skill set lies in
organizational planning.  I currently live in and work closely with
University Village, Albany, the main campus for UC Berkeley's student family
housing.  I am deeply involved in affordable housing issues and in building
programs beneficial to student families.

Grant, Jack, I have been working to plan an installfest / Ubuntu tutorial in
the University Village computer lab.  The demographics of University Village
make it a prime population for potential new Ubuntu users.  We have nearly
2,000 highly-educated, financially impoverished, widely international adults
in the Village--many of whom are likely to be interested in Ubuntu, but
nervous about making the jump on their own.  Our tentative plan is to create
an Introduction to Ubuntu tutorial extending over two or three sessions,
where students install Ubuntu the first week and learn basic skills, then
come back again for the next class to resolve issues, ask questions, learn
slightly more complicated skills, and learn where to go in the future when
they have problems.  We are planning to hold it in late January or early
February, after UCB's spring semester begins.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support,

Maile Urbanic
maile.urbancic at gmail.com
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