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Thanks for the info. Ill get in contact with the KDE guys and get an estimate for how many people will be there and my needs for Kubuntu CDs. 

Also, I like Joe's idea for a Wiki page for this.

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On Tue, Dec 8, 2009 at 1:54 PM, Darkwing Duck <ubuntu at darkwingduck.org> wrote:
> Can I also put in a request for kubuntu CDs for camp-KDE in jan? Ill be able to hand out a bunch.

How many do you want?  I've split this into a separate email thread.

Let's be clear about requests and entities involved and the cases in
which CDs can be requested.

Canonical provides discs to LoCos through the LoCo Contact (in our
case, Neal Bussett).  Within the team we are expected to work

Now, the package of CDs that each LoCo can request is described here.
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds  This is the package that Neal
requested and received.  This request is one time per release cycle,
now shipping Karmic CDs.

Additional CDs can be requested for special events.  If we have a list
of events, the LoCo contact can make a request for them all at once to
reduce shipping cost.

The difficulty in managing these requests is estimating expected
needs.  Your request does not provide any numbers at all, making it
unknown whether the existing supply is sufficient for your event or if
additional discs  should be requested from Canonical for this event
separate from the existing inventory.  Now that we have two designated
"warehouses" the logistics complication increases.

We had the same problem inside the US branch of SuSE where, for
awhile, I was handling these requests for trade shows, partners and
other needs.

Grant Bowman

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