[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu INSTALL disc not living up to its whatever.

Kevin Leinenweaver darkesthour111 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 22:30:24 UTC 2009

Eric, i will try to help you, you cant contact me directly via my
email address, darkesthour111 at gmail.com

What i would like to know is if your Hard Drive is being Detected by your BIOS?
This may be above you, but if you boot into the Ubuntu Environment
without installing it(your cd should have this feature, commonly
called Live CD). It should be labeled try ubuntu without installing
it(or something along that line).

If in ubuntu you can see the hard drive, it'll be shown via the file
browser(excuse me if i dont know the exact options i use a different

If you cant see it, i suspect that is possibly your problem, the
brownout may have caused your hard drive to crash permanently, which
is what i suspect, if only a few files got corrupted Ubuntu would have
handled it alot more gracefully.

Let me know what you see, i'll do what i can!

Kevin Leinenweaver

On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 8:10 PM, Eric
Palmquist<eric_palmquist at hotmail.com> wrote:
> DEARbuntu ---
> Help.  I need support, but have no ISP (but once weekly @ pub. lib.) so I
> need someone I can e-mail with.  (I don't suppose you know where broadband
> is nearly free?  SocSec Disability, you know, gives me no money to spare.)
> I was granted a legacy computer with Ubuntu.  It had some
> nifty-looking NoStarch _*n*x_Cookbookery_ on it which I was reading; but
> midway through chapter 1 we had a brownout, switching the box off and
> banishing the  fs  to the Twilight Zone.  (Granters say, "Get Ubuntu's
> Installation Disc.  It'll be easy."  So what do they know!?)
> So I sent in for the Ubuntu Installation disc.  Installation should be
> straightforward and simple?  Maybe?
> But I get stuck at step 4 or so.  (Sorry, I'm doing e-mail, so I'm not at
> home where my box is.)  This is the screen about partitioning.  It's blank.
> There's nothing to click-select, and I don't seem able to enter any text
> anywhere.  I figure that my problem is that I can't direct Ubuntu's
> attention to the  hdd  which is a  dev  which has not been  mount  ed, but
> how can I  mount  it for partitioning if Ubuntu can't see it?  (Only options
> are BACK and QUIT.)
> Please advise, and thank you for.  (I really hope I haven't lost that book
> of tutorials and hackery.)
> (Time's up!  They're throwing me off!)
> --- Eric
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