[Ubuntu-US-CA] Newbie asks for help.

Neill Lehr neillehrjr at cox.net
Thu Apr 30 00:33:48 UTC 2009

Hi Nathan,

	Yes I saw Pidgin and I believe I signed in but I'll need to go back and see what channel if any I signed into, as I recall I was by myself I did some IRC years ago on my first PC from Costco, actually Price Club, a screaming 486/66 with 8MB RAM and a ginormous 340MB HD I added a CD drive and a 9600baud modem and the Love affair with the FREE Internet began. I used to love that modem handshake sound Lol.

Thanks for the suggestion,


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On Wed, 2009-04-29 at 16:41 -0700, Neill Lehr wrote:
> Later tonight I’ll check out your links here thanks for the
> suggestions.


I'm really glad you made it here!  I'd like to mention that Pidgin,
which is your default instant messaging application, can also do IRC and
even defaults to use irc.ubuntu.com when you create a new IRC account.
It's not the best IRC interface but it is already there and might be
more familiar.

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