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Neill Lehr neillehrjr at cox.net
Wed Apr 29 23:41:16 UTC 2009

Hi Mark,


Thank you very kindly for the reply, I also have Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit on another HD on that computer, at the moment my son who visits during the day is checking out news etc on that side.

Later tonight I’ll check out your links here thanks for the suggestions.



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Hi Neill,

Welcome.  A couple of the best places to get help are on the IRC channels.  You can install xchat from Add/Remove or from Synaptic to connect to the channels.. The server address is irc.freenode.net.  Once there type "/join #ubuntu"  and/or "/join #ubuntu-california".  The ubuntu channel will link you with over 1,000 people asking questions and giving answers in real time..  The ubuntu-california channel is another good spot for live Q&A with most of the Calif. members logged in a one point or another throughout the day.  Another good spot is www.ubuntuforums.org.   

Mark Garrow / Scunizi

On Wed, 2009-04-29 at 00:13 -0700, Neill Lehr wrote: 

Hello all you California Ubuntu folks,
        I signed up on this list in hopes to figure out where to go for
questions/solutions with Ubuntu, I live in So. Cal. And have ver. 8.10
I am probably not in the right place for questions and answers of a
technical nature based on what I have been reading also I am really new to
I like what I see and functionality is very good so far, I keep thinking I
am going to email from my Ubuntu machine but I setup my main email account
there and always see your posts when I am on my work, Win XP Pro 32bit
machine. My questions are ranging from installing Crossfire which the nice
people at codeweavers will probably help me with and I am not sure I really
want to play Windows games on there anyway.  I installed peer guardian and
now can't find it I also have tor button don't know how or when to use it,
so you see I am good at boxing myself into corners I don't yet know how to
get out of.
So I need help being told where to go  ...  well you know suggestions   and
I really do like how clean and quick Ubuntu is it starts and it's ready to
go not like Windows that starts and it's busy for minutes doing something
for somebody while I wait :-)
Neill Lehr
Thank you for your patience and kindness.
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