[Ubuntu-US-CA] Survey: Ubuntu as upgrade path from Windows XP

Grant Bowman grantbow at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 23:06:16 UTC 2009

A survey [1] was conducted by KACE in California.  I heard about it
during the Q&A with Mark Shuttleworth (aka. sabdfl) this morning.
Here's a link to the full Q&A log and the relevant excerpt about the


(12:41:27 PM) jcastro: <popey> QUESTION: Recent surveys indicate that
of those switching from XP but _not_ to Windows 7, 27% would go to OSX
and 25% would go to Ubuntu, with Red Hat, Suse, and others below. What
do we need to do to overtake OSX?
sabdfl: 2%?
sabdfl: ;-)
sabdfl: i thought that was an AMAZING result, btw
sabdfl: credit to the whole community for that
sabdfl: mostly, i think we need to stand up and be proud
sabdfl: encourage all of our family and friends to make the switch to
free software and promise to stand by them throughout
sabdfl: since WE are mostly the people who support them, anyhow :-)
sabdfl: we do need to deliver classy, tight, useful software
sabdfl: so bring the lessons of Web 2.0 to the desktop
sabdfl: lean, mean, fast and easy to use
sabdfl: and we will do well

-- Grant Bowman                                   <grantbow at gmail.com>

[1] http://www.kace.com/resources/Windows-Vista-Adoption-and-Alternatives-A-Survey-of-Technology-Professionals

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