[Ubuntu-US-CA] Let's do a podcast!

Paul Reiber paul at reiber.org
Thu Apr 9 02:55:21 UTC 2009

Nathan - great idea!  I'd totally be into co-hosting a podcast and/or
helping in who-knows-how-many ways.  There are solid examples of a few
guys successfully running a podcast, so with a couple of others also
into the idea, I'm game.

I have...
- lots of old friends (and new) and acquaintances and even know a few
notables in Silicon Valley
- one working capable but low-end prosumer video / still camera
- knowledge of facilities in MountainView and elsewhere where we might
do some production work
- time and willingness to be part of this
- also important: I speak clearly, enunciate well, and clean up nice
for the camera too

Regarding sponsorship (if we do a video podcast, and the dollars for
production and all that)...

Let's think outside the box a little, maybe take our lead from Amanda
Koster and how she does things with Salaam Garage - see

I have a 5:00 dinner engagement in Atherton but plan to make the 7PM
meeting at Caffeine.

We can discuss this there, or via this list, or both, going forward.
Happy to be a part of it!
-Paul Reiber

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