[Ubuntu-US-CA] Meeting tonight?

dave@seobm.com ivor.oconnor at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 01:55:22 UTC 2008

Two items.

Would somebody change my email address from dave at seobm.com to
ivor.oconnor at gmail.com? Or tell me how to do that.

Second item. I just bought a DELL Inspiron 1420 with Ubuntu
pre-installed. The hardware works fairly well. They used standard intel
parts for sound, ethernet, etc.. The upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04 did not
work at all. DELLs ISO they supplied on the disk was corrupt. Their
phone support is still worthless. And if I put in my DELL serial number
into the web support pages I have to specify which OS I have to get the
drivers. Ubuntu is not an option here!!! If you google their site you
can find people having similar upgrade problems with the listed
solutions. None of which worked for me. However burning a fresh copy of
8.04 from www.ubuntu.com and all my problems went away. The point is the
hardware is good generic highly supported stuff from Intel which DELL
sales at a good price but expect nothing more...

Larry Cafiero wrote:
> On 6/15/08, Serene <serene-lists at serenepages.org> wrote:
>>  I'm also a *complete* newbie, Ubuntu-wise (like, three weeks, and I am
>>  learning as I go), but I'm excited about getting M$ out of my life, and
>>  it was my boss's idea, so the whole office (there are four of us, but
>>  around eight computers) is switching over at the same time.
>>  I'd be really interested in learning about user groups, meetings, etc.
> Incidentally, Serene, you would be the perfect person to talk to other
> newbies about your experiences with Ubuntu. Think you could make it
> down to Felton sometime in July . . . . ?
> Larry Cafiero

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