[Ubuntu-US-CA] Meeting tonight?

Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 01:45:52 UTC 2008

On 6/15/08, Nathan Haines <nhaines at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> I sure wish I knew.  I've certainly heard a lot of complaints that we
>  don't plan events in Northern California, but when everyone is in
>  Southern California it isn't really feasible.

We're not really in Northern California, technically speaking, but we
did have a Hardy Heron event at Cabrillo College in May.

>  I had high hopes that interested persons would come by the Ubuntu booth
>  to talk about the LoCo team.  One person expressed disappointment that
>  nothing was happening up there, and another person campe up to me rather
>  angrily and told me that Ubuntu had better shape up and step forward or
>  users in the Bay Area would switch to other distros.

That remains to be seen, but speaking for the Cabrillo College
GNU/Linux Users Group in Aptos (Santa Cruz County), it's pretty
solidly Ubuntu at this point for a majority of members, some use
Fedora and a couple Mandriva.

>  So while I hope someone comes up with some other ideas, I can't say my
>  attempt has been very successful.

My observation is that someone would have to step up in NorCal (San
Francisco/San Jose and points north). Anyone?

Larry Cafiero

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