[Ubuntu-US-CA] Meeting tonight?

Larry Cafiero larry.cafiero at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 00:30:06 UTC 2008

On 6/15/08, Nathan Haines <nhaines at ubuntu.com> wrote:

>  It is extremely important that issues like this get put on our meeting
>  agenda.  Three and a half hours before meeting time isn't sufficient
>  notice.

I would agree with that statement.

Nathan, don't take this the wrong way, but let me be frank with you:
This is not an project that I'm springing on you "three and a half
hours before meeting." The Lindependence 2008 project has been out
there for several months -- it has been discussed by me in forums and
on IRC on several occasions, as well as by others like Ken Starks. It
has even drawn the attention of those in other LoCos. It has been
touched on by several on-line publications and Ken and I have been on
the radio about it several times.

I've even gone beyond the LoCo and approached Canonical as well,
without response.

Again, I would think that Ubuntu would jump to the opportunity to
promote the distro to those for whom, essentially, the distro is
designed -- new users. And I know there are several people in the San
Francisco/San Jose area who would be able to participate if they so

Having said this, I'd welcome the opportunity to bring this up at a
meeting -- if there is one (and it doesn't appear that there is going
to be one today) -- or on list, which I'm happy to do as well
(especially since it's more convenient for me).

>  That's another thing.  I don't know anyone who watches the forums.
>  Communication is primarily on IRC, or the mailing list.  While I should
>  get into te habit of checking the forums more often, I simply don't.
>  I'm not really sure what the solution here is, but it is something the
>  team will have to address as we become more organized.

Actually, I watch the forums all the time, usually in lieu of being
able to access IRC. I don't have access to IRC all the time -- in
fact, I can't use IRC while I'm at my primary job at the newspaper.

Incidentally, since the first posting on the forum, the dates have
changed for the "Microsoft-free week." There will be installfests and
meetings throughout the month of July -- July 5, July 8, July 16, July
19 or 20 (dangerously close to OSCON, I realize) and July 26 before
folks are going to be asked to use their choice of distro/FOSS
programs from July 28 to Aug. 4.

I'll be glad to field further questions or discuss any other issue.

Larry Cafiero

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