[Ubuntu-US-CA] Common LUG booth at LinuxWorld

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 21:26:45 UTC 2008

Guys - you may want to hook up with whoever's going from SVLUG and/or PenLUG.
Hard to say who's going, has a booth, etc. - best probably to simply
ask on both lists.

I've manned the booths (for Ubuntu-CA, SVLUG, etc) these past few
years, but don't
know whether I'll be able to attend or not this year.  New employer = new rules.

Best regards,

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 2:13 PM, Joe Smith <yasumoto7 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> I just spoke with the LWE rep, and he said that the dotOrg pavillion is
> full, and has no space available. Still no word back from Jono, but I
> presume he's ridiculously busy with LugRadio Live and such, so he'll
> hopefully get back to us soon. I think that there's absolutely nothing wrong
> with participating in a CA LUG booth, and believe that it'll be a lot of fun
> to network a bit more (particularly in the north). I'll send an email out to
> the guys runing the BALUG booth and see what they have to say. Thanks a lot
> for finding out about the booth, Grant. Do you know the guys in BALUG very
> well?
> Joe
> On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 1:48 PM, Grant Bowman <grantbow at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Troy,
>> You and I are thinking along the same lines.  I don't know if you have
>> considered these things but I'll throw them out for discussion.  Let
>> me start by saying I would much prefer to have a fully staffed booth
>> answering all kinds of user questions with CA LoCo logoed banners and
>> unlimited CDs to give out, both at the booth and in front of Moscone
>> Center to all attendees that walk in the door plus some kind of cute
>> handout freebie.  Of course we don't have those kinds of resources.
>> Given the popularity of the distro and the size of the event I vote
>> for a bit of caution.  There are very very few CA LoCo members that
>> live near San Francisco.  Staffing requirements over three full days
>> plus setup and take down isn't insignificant.  My opinion is that
>> having an empty booth during the show would not be beneficial to us or
>> Ubuntu.  What are we going to put in the bare booth?  I know how much
>> time and effort it takes to make a strong showing at an event like
>> this.
>> As we wait to hear through Joe Smith (Yasumoto) and Jono Bacon to see
>> if space is available for our own booth in the .Org area, even if it's
>> at no cost, we should take a moment before accepting it.  I am looking
>> at the overall cost/benefit.  If we do our own booth it means we can't
>> do other things.  We have to be realistic about what resources we have
>> before committing them.  I think we need to know one main thing.  How
>> many CA LoCo members can confirm they are ready/willing/able to
>> prepare for and participate during the whole event in San Francisco?
>> I don't see that we would be losing out if we choose to not have our
>> own booth, especially if we leverage our efforts elsewhere.  There
>> will be a strong official Ubuntu presence, we wouldn't be letting
>> anyone down.  LoCos like us are not even intended to replace existing
>> LUGS, but instead to complement them. [1]  Maybe we can do our own
>> effort well AND complement other groups well.  However I think we will
>> have to make choices between the two.
>> I would hate to get so busy as to ignore the existing efforts that are
>> well staffed (able to answer user questions) where we might be able to
>> make a significant and visible difference.  Perhaps other local LUGs
>> will have booths as well, I don't know yet.  Canonical should have a
>> booth and have scheduled an Ubucon.  I'm sure there are many talks
>> being given by Canonical employees.  Some speakers might appreciate
>> help during the presentations or running to get the cable they forgot,
>> lol.  Could Canonical use some help?  It's just my opinion, but it
>> would be good to know before accepting booth space.
>> --
>> -- Grant Bowman <grantbow at gmail.com>
>> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoWorkingWithOtherGroups
>> On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 3:14 PM, Troy Ready <troy at troyready.com> wrote:
>> > (I'm new to this evangelism, and I may not go, so take this with a grain
>> > of salt)
>> >
>> > The positive aspects of this are certainly huge, but as a LoCo don't we
>> > want to be a bit more specific in our effort? I mean, if we're not gonna do
>> > a Ubuntu-specific thing, than helping a LUG is good, but it seems like it
>> > should be the backup.
>> >
>> > Or is my thinking too exclusionary?
>> >
>> > -Troy
>> >
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>> >
>> > The BALUG folks have organized a booth at LinuxWorld and are inviting
>> > other related groups to participate.  It would be far simpler and we
>> > could see more of the show ourselves by helping them out rather than
>> > staffing and manning our own booth.
>> >
>> > FYI,
>> >
>> > --
>> > -- Grant Bowman <grantbow at gmail.com>
>> >
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>> > From: jim <jim at well.com>
>> > Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 7:02 AM
>> > Subject: [conspire] Common LUG booth at LinuxWorld: come help out
>> > To: conspire at linuxmafia.com
>> >
>> >  There will be a booth for bay area Linux groups and
>> > related in the .Org Pavilion of this year's LinuxWorld,
>> > Tuesday August 5 through Thursday August 7, in Moscone
>> > Center in San Francisco, thanks to the Bay Area Linux
>> > User Group (BALUG) (in the .Org Pavilion, booth 14).
>> >
>> >  If you're going to LinuxWorld any of those three
>> > days, please stop by and help out at the booth: the
>> > job is to hang out, talk with other people who are
>> > working the booth, and talk with people who stop by
>> > and want to know about the various SF Bay Area Linux
>> > User Groups and related groups.
>> >  Even a short stint will help someone who wants a
>> > break or wants to see a bit of the show. Last year
>> > there were a lot of fun conversations, and a few
>> > people brought demo machines.
>> >
>> >  If you can't make it, try to get some printed
>> > handouts about your group that we can pass out.
>> >
>> >  If you can make it, please email jim at well.com
>> > with times you can be there (morning, mid-day, or
>> > afternoon) so we can schedule. If you'll be there
>> > all of one day or two or three days, let me know
>> > so we can plug you in where coverage is light.
>> >
>> >  Thanks in advance,
>> > jim at well dot com
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