[Ubuntu-US-CA] BarCampCSULB Oct 18/19

Glenn Zucman gzucman at csulb.edu
Mon Jul 14 23:50:52 UTC 2008

Hey gang,

I wanted to let you all know that we're planning BarCampCSULB for Oct 
18/19 in the Fine Arts Complex at Cal State Long Beach.

We really support the work that you-all are doing and would love to have 
you participate in any way / ways that you'd like. Individually or as a 
group, you could, of course, give any talk / talks you'd like. You could 
also do a Demofest, Installfest, etc, perhaps like the one you did a 
couple of BarCampLAs ago (which, BTW, was where I first learned about 
Ubuntu / Ubuntu Studio - so good job!)

More details to come later, but do start thinking about if / how you'd 
like to be involved.

Thank you / keep up the great work!

-- Glenn
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